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S.T.R Player Magazine and Modeling is Denver's newest rising lifestyle and entertainment source. S.T.R Player Models can be booked for upcoming events for spokesmodeling, music videos, movie extras, merchandise representatives and meet and greets. While providing our models with the best training we also provide modeling training packages for all others in their aspirations to becoming a model. 

S.T.R Player Magazine is proud to offer news, music, lifestyle or community happenings from all over the U.S. Branched out of Denver, CO, S.T.R Player Magazine assisted in the petition for the approval of amendment 64 in the Regulation of MARIJUANA like Alcohol. Since then, S.T.R Player Magazine follows and supports all businesses, lifestyle groups and events involved with the new and growing legalization act. S.T.R Player Magazine also provides local news not mentioned on television and sometimes overlooked by the corporate news stations. 

Kid Crusher Review


Shawn Montague (KidCrusher) is a rap-metal musician from Adelaide, South Australia, well known by his collaboration on Insane Clown Posse‘s compilation CD “Tunnel Runners” and his appearance on TV’s “Law & Order” as the Axis Of Death. He has toured Australia with several artists such as; ICP, Tech N9ne, Xzibit, Hed(pe), Hopsin, Mushroomhead, Dirt Nasty, The Berzerker, Devolved, Boondox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, K-Rinoand as well as opening for the Grand Theft AutoV Australian Release Party. Over the course of 10 years, KidCrusher has released 12 Studio Albums and several viral music videos Independently without the help of a record label or any major funding. The one thing that has been long awaited is his well overdue debut performance/tour in the United States, we can make it happen;
but we need your help!

Brain Taco (Feat. BubZombie)
KidCrusher (Metal Murder 3D)

After the controversial event that occurred in 2008 when KidCrusher was booked to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos, KC had a slap on the wrist 5 year ban for not applying for the correct visa, which ended in 2013. With the scar of being deported on his record (even as minor at the charge was) the United States have made it extremely expensive and difficult to obtain his Visa. The constant delays on his return have been to do with two factors; Lack of interest of bookings from promoters in USA and raising the money to finalize the visa and travel expenses. We are proud to announce we have a tour offer for the United States in2016, how ever, we are in need of the fans support to raise the expenses to make this happen in time. We are not asking for free money, we are simply urging you to donate with the rewards of merchandise and personal fan interaction. With today’s marketing for a musician to make money off music being almost impossible because of torrents and free downloads, we are reaching out to ask if you are a fan and want to see this event happen to please purchase a reward on this page. We have been apart for far too long, it’s time to let KidCrusher out of his cage and to feast upon his Victims in the United States!

How ever our goal is a little more expensive than a Happy Meal, we have another 4000 in visa fee’s and 6000 in travel expenses and equipment required to make this happen. Every bit counts, donate as little as a dollar, or buy some merchandise at Victim Gear or iTunes… 



Whitney Peyton Review

Whitney Peyton Drops New Single “It’s All Good” & Hits The Road With Fronzilla
Quickly rising artist, Whitney Peyton has released a brand new single entitled “It’s All Good” featuring Sounds online via all digital platforms! Stream it now here: ReverbNation.com/WhitneyPeyton and buy it on iTunes here: http://tinyurl.com/q8ptuyz

Peyton is not only one of the songwriters and vocalists on a Grammy Award winning Album (2012 Grammy Awards) she also has an undeniable stage presence having already toured with acts such as: Twiztid, Potluck, R.A. The Rugged Man, Da Mafia 6ix (formerly Three 6 Mafia), and controversial electronic group Blood On The Dance Floor.

Promo trailer for The Freek Show with Twiztid, Whitney Peyton, and Rittz