80 Generations

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Outspoken Klick T-shirts are now available. 

80 Generations LLC is proud to be releasing this months second issue of S.T.R Player Magazine. Featuring Spaide Ripper, SCUM of LSP, Albeez 4 Sheez and many more of Denver's best artist. This months issue also has lead model Toni Rivera's Model Of The Month cover. 

80 Generations LLC also is proud to announce it's first issue of S.T.R Player Magazine. With independent music, fashion, events, cultures and lifestyles from around the nation.

C.I.T.A Re-Release 

Juggalo artist Shorty Wikkid re-releases Crates In The Attic, his debut EP under 80 Generations LLC. This release is to better connect and inform his fans and potentials of what he's really about and what his style is so check it out. 

Shorty Wikkid is the first but hopefully ot the last of juggalo community to sign with 80 Generations. Shorty Wikkid is the percent opf true juggalos who are both still horrorcore to the roots but also strive for entertainment perfection.

Have Opened 4 Pyschopathic, Strange Music, Subnoize, LSP, SLO PAIN, PLUS MANY MORE.... PLUS IM THE NEW ARTIST AT 80 GENERATIONS #80generations
Life's Rememberance1
Cross Feat. Kidd.O


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