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Shorty Wikkid's Double Release

Artist Release News

Juggalo artist with 80 Generations, Shorty Wikkid has had a hell of a performance year. While gracefully performing 2-3 shows a month minimally Shorty now prepares for his 2nd album release, which turns out to be a double release, "Laughing While Screaming: Laughing Vol. 1 and Screaming Vol. 2" , which is set to release this Summer. 

Every Body's Beautiful Fashion Show

Check out Legaci Models in the 3rd Edition of the Everybody's Beautiful series. The event includes unsigned Colorado models, Denver performing artist and headlining his first event, CRX of 80 Generations. 

S.T.R Player Magazine Special Edition

Special Edition Issue #6 of S.T.R Player Magazine

Amazing exclusive interviews with Hip Hop/Rock Artist Whitney Peyton and Horrorcore/Metal Australian artist KidCrusher. Along with a special expose on Denver's rising agency, Legaci Models. Get your copy of the magazine HERE 

CRX/Cross Debut EP Release

New EP Release from CEO Cross Rivera

80 Generations CEO is proud to release his debut EP titled "Life On A Hustle-LOAH". The solo production features County Boy Frizz of Strange Music, Albeez 4 Sheez of A-CO Records and Ohio artist Purple Haze of the Purple Smoke Project. Cross aka CRX, more known for his dance and stage performance now open the gates to a new style in hip hop/horrorcore. Check out the full album here, LOAH

Killing The Music Scene In Arizona 

News of Juggalo Artist Shorty Wikkid

From the Diva Deville's Birthday bash to the Hells Bells over to the Arizona Cypher Series right on moving to the Pass The Fire Event and straight on too the Black Summer Event hosted by Mindless Corpse Organization, Shorty Wikkid has been making major rises in Arizona. Stay up-to-date from his artist page HERE


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