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Poetic Pimps sign to 80 Generations LLC after running the stage and truly impressing the fans and the company with their attention to detail and performance. Currently working on their first EP release "Poetic Pimps" available for Pre-Order July 13th so check them out now. www.facebook.com/poeticpimps

80 Generations signs it's first juggalo artist. Shorty Wikkid brings a sinister and wicked sound to the vastly growing 80 Generations family. His first EP and Album will be releasing soon so keep an eye out. www.facebook.com/shortywikkidsw

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Catch the entire 80 Generations family at Black Sheep in Colorado Springs August 1st as well as Casselman's Bar and Venue in downtown Denver also with the main man himself Stevie Stone featuring King Harris II, Spaide Ripper, Mr. Blacc, BODY, Rabid and Albeez 4 Sheez of A-CO Records, it's blowing the show out of the water. Come see 80 Generations entire family kill this incredible show.

True DJ Brown BearR fans can order a copy of the new EP now online.....look for it in Angelo's CD's soon......http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00ZAJJWJ

DJ Brown BearR releases his debut EP "SHOCKWAVE"

And now with working on a collaboration with Kutt Calhoun and Kung Fu Vampire with his labelmates the Poetic Pimps. DJ Brown BearR has been a roll with 80 Generations since signing him.

Hit Single off the "SHOCKWAVE" EP "Mind FUCK!"

Denver has had it's ears and mind blow with 80 Generations new group. Bringing an extreme vibe and modern fan pleasing stage presence, Poetic Pimps are showing the world who they are.

"Poetic Pimps" EP Available August 2, 2014 Pre-Orders available July 13th In stores everywhere and online.

Poetic Pimps (New Single)- Insane Risk (Prod. By J-Millie Beatz)
80 Generations announces the signing of four new models with the, 80 Generations S.t.r Player Models. And with that we also announce the S.T.R Player Magazine Vlog hour. A one on one with our models on industry facts and do's and don'ts to follow.

80 Generations LLC also is proud to announce it's first issue of S.T.R Player Magazine. With independent music, fashion, events, cultures and lifestyles from around the nation.

Welcome 2 My City Tour ends with 80 Generations LLC signing our St. Louis rising showstopping genius Uno Joven. Truly welcoming a business mind and a career direction to be seen from a far.

Shorty Wikkid is the first but hopefully ot the last of juggalo community to sign with 80 Generations. Shorty Wikkid is the percent opf true juggalos who are both still horrorcore to the roots but also strive for entertainment perfection.

Insane Risk (Prod. By J-Millie Beatz)
Poetic Pimps (From Blockz 2 Bookz: The Mixtape)


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